Log Data Analytics

Automate insights from your machine logs
with advanced AI.

Why Logmind?

Logmind is a dynamic startup from Switzerland that has a mission to enable modern businesses to understand unstructured machine data in a smart and easy manner.

As IT environments and the volume of machine data increase exponentially, reactive data analytics approach has become inefficient. This is where we introduce our effective and forward-looking tool to enable IT operations and DevOps teams to gain valuable data insights that could be easily missed with manual and traditional approaches.

Logmind helps you work smarter

Automate repetitive and manual log analytics processes and be able to better focus on your IT operations and DevOps mission-critical tasks.

  • Receive insights on automatically identified critical issues and exceptions from your systems
  • Be notified only of important events and have the opportunity to teach the system about your preferences
  • View hours of data and millions of log entries in a minimized and easy-to-understand format

Logmind helps you work faster

Reduce time spent on the data investigation process and be able to resolve issues quickly before your end-users are affected.

  • Spend less time on a searching process by using familiar SQL language to retrieve and explore your log data quickly
  • Be instantly notified through your favorite channels about triggered alerts and insights
  • Have a real-time overview of your log data with powerful visualization and dashboards

Logmind helps you to monitor simpler

Get insights from your complex IT systems easily, with minimal engineering effort.

  • Aggregate your machine log data from unlimited sources, in both unstructured and structured formats
  • Simple deployment and maintenance process as SaaS or on-premise solution
  • Integration capability with Elasticsearch infrastructure and connection to your team's favorite communication channels

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